Our Product is Real Estate; Our Priority is People

Below is an excerpt by Tami Bonnell, CEO of EXIT Realty Corp International, that we wanted to share with you from Volume 4, Issue 3 of the EXIT ACHIEVER. Click Here for the latest edition.

Throughout the world of business and its varied landscape, one thing remains true, you can tell a great deal about an organization by its priorities. Here at EXIT Realty, we take this philosophy very seriously, but also one step further than the average real estate company. At EXIT, yes our product is real estate, but our absolute priority is on the people behind all the work and effort required to sell that product. The greatest way to achieve success is by always ensuring that you prioritize the person. It will inevitably deepen the meaning and the impact of what you do for yourself, your business, your community as well as your family. My favorite definition of family has absolutely nothing to do with blood relation, but everything to do with relationships and “a group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation.“

The unique culture and empathy orientation that we cultivate through our EXIT Formula of residuals and our commitment to mentorship naturally fosters a family atmosphere within our corporate office all the way through to each and every one of our offices across North America. There’s a sense of belonging, a willingness to share and to lift one another up. Similar to a family, we share more than just a name, but a common goal and a unified focus on the significance of the human element. People produce more in a family environment where they feel safe, cared for and trusted. And in real estate this equates to agents not only feeling at home, but also their clients in turn as well. Simply by giving as many people as possible the atmosphere they need, we will continue to grow and prosper. So as you look forward into a New Year full of possibility, focus on prioritizing individuals to create your legacy. Do it one person at a time, by making their life and their business important and you will achieve the success you are looking for.

To learn more about your local Honolulu EXIT Realty ohana, contact Theresa Harden (R) PB via phone at 808-223-0429 or email th@808exit.com.


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