The Power of Attraction

The complete EXIT Promo Shop suite includes online, email and direct mail marketing tools.

The complete EXIT Promo Shop suite includes online, email and direct mail marketing tools.

I have a story to share with you that unfolded this past weekend while I was preparing a “Labor Day Greeting“. I used EXIT’s Promo Shop services to create the greeting. While using Promo Shop I came across a “Forged for Exponential Growth 2014” flyer which caught my eye. Now this is where this story begins but first I want to give you a little more background.

Like past years, we are gearing up for the  Annual EXIT Realty Convention. This year is the 16th extravaganza of its kind and is hosted at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

In preparation for the event, our associates  needed to order more business cards. For the back of the business card, we wanted a custom graphic and one that focused on EXIT in Hawaii. After several drafts, its was decided to portray our Hawaii EXIT Residual Thermometer as a line graph and when we did we found that the curve resembled an exponential curve.

Residual Tracker

Over $226 MILLION PAID OUT in Sponsoring Bonuses since 2013 by EXIT Realty Corp International. PAID OUT on Top of Commissions!

We then got a little creative and provided a graphic with a timeline depicting how much EXIT Realty Corp International has paid out in sponsoring residuals generated from Hawaii EXIT brokerages. The graphic was approved and off it went to print.

There are a couple of things that make this graphic special to EXIT in Hawaii but not unique to EXIT. First the timeline depicting when the first EXIT office opened in Hawaii in 2008. The first office was converted from a then independent Kaneohe real estate brokerage referred to as Hawaii Dream Realty LLC. Hawaii Dream Realty LLC was founded on the same principals shared with EXIT Realty Corp International in that the agents are the true assets of the brokerage and the EXIT Formula had a special and unique way of making that happen. You could say I attracted EXIT Realty Corp International to me and I have been grateful ever since.

So that brings us back to today where Hawaii Dream Realty LLC is doing business as EXIT Real Estate Associates. Through the years and transformations of the Kaneohe brokerage, EXIT Realty Corp International paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars in sponsoring bonuses and beneficiary bonuses right back to its associates and members in Hawaii.

Over $225 THOUSAND Dollar - Hawaii Sponsoring Bonuses Paid by Corporate! Could you do something with that?

Over $225 THOUSAND – Hawaii Sponsoring Bonuses Paid by Corporate! Could you do something with that?

Now the entire process of creating the original graphic for the back of the business cards took several days, during which time much thought went into what to present and how to present it. At no point was EXIT Promo Shop explored for ideas and up until today the idea was considered original. But what had really occurred was that the information being sought already existed. It was through the power of thought that the details wanted became known.

Now there are slight nuances between the use of exponential in the flyer and in the business card graphic but the use of exponential in both pieces affirms that we can attract that what we want. Some have referred to this ability as “The Secret” but it is something that I believe we all truly possess and I am thrilled to be able to share this example with you.

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