Real Estate Professionals Showing Support for Rugby League International Test Match

Typically when you think of rugby, you don’t also think of real estate but when it comes international rugby league test match played in Hawaii’s Aloha Stadium, a crew from First American Title and EXIT Real Estate Associates knew that this special event would bring people from all over the Pacific and Oahu to watch this historic match. With international home buying up, this event was an opportunity to provide information on Hawaii’s  real estate and rental market to an international crowd.

For the second straight year, the United States National League Rugby team was back in the 50th state, as the Tomahawks played host to Tao Samoa in an International test match as a part of the Lavalava Festival at Aloha Stadium on Saturday, July 19.

USA Tomahawks versus Toa Samoa

The Rugby game was very exciting with the first half score ending 6 to 0 (USA to Samoa) and the second half left spectators on the edge of their seats with Samoa scoring, then USA scoring twice and Samoa fighting to the very end to score again. The final score was 18 to 12 (USA to Samoa). The crowd cheered for both sides and despite the rain drizzles and 4 injuries on the field, the crowd really was electrifying….. or maybe that was the lighting at the end of the game…or maybe a little bit of both. Needless to say, it was a thrilling game, the highlight of the day, and an overall good time. In the end, we were all thankful the heavy rain held off and really appreciated the support from Jessica Maea-Faamai of First American Title, and Luise Palaita (S) and Keoki Osorio (S) of EXIT Real Estate Associates.

Lavalava Festival – Aloha Stadium 2014

Thank you to Jessica Maea-Faamai of First American Title, for organizing and coordinating the event and thank you for the support provided by Luise Palaita (S) and Keoki Osorio (S) who together with Theresa Harden (B) took turns answering questions about Hawaii’s real estate market and handing out prizes during the all-day event. The event took place inside Aloha Stadium where thousands of spectators and visitors stopped by vendor booths to talk story between the matches.

Luise Palaita (S) and Keoki Osorio (S) of EXIT real Estate Associates together with Jessica Maea-Faamai of First American Title

Depicted from left to right are Luise Palaita (S), Keoki Osorio (S) and Jessica Maea-Faamai.

Theresa Harden (B) with Luise Palaita (S) together with Keoki Osorio(S) at Aloha Stadium

Depicted from left to right are Theresa Harden (B), Luise Palaita (S), and Keoki Osorio (S).

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