EXIT Hawaii Dream Realty Launches Real Estate Investor Learning Center

“Investor Center” Assists Residential Real Estate Investors

Theresa Harden, PB, SFR, E-Pro of EXIT HAWAII DREAM REALTY earns the OwnAmerica Investment Certification and joins the OwnAmerica Network, a national affiliation of real estate investment specialists. This move allows Theresa Harden, PB, SFR, E-Pro to offer analysis tools, tutorials and a video training series to clients during one of the biggest real estate investment booms in history.

Using the Investor Center on www.OwnHawaii.com real estate investors can learn how to best capitalize on the struggling housing market by researching and acquiring quality real estate assets as a long term wealth creation strategy. The Investor Center guides new real estate investors down the right path and streamlines the process for more seasoned investors.

“The market is great for investors, but investing in real estate is quite different than traditional home buying and selling,” explains Theresa Harden, PB, E-Pro, “It’s a more complex process requiring additional levels of expertise. The Investor Center provides the resources to make investing in real estate simple, profitable and even fun.”

OwnAmerica and the Investor Center were created by Greg Rand, a twenty-year real estate industry veteran and author of the book Crash Boom!. It includes a 4 hour video based investment training course, news and information, and the Case Study Calculator, a tool for analyzing the potential of investment real estate.

“We’ve seen too many people giving bad advice about ‘getting rich quick’ in real estate. It truth, real estate is a long term wealth building asset. It works when you do it right. We want to show our clients how to do it right,” says Rand, CEO of OwnAmerica and host of WABC’s Rand on Real Estate.

To learn more about the Investor Center and the Oahu real estate market, contact Theresa Harden, PB, E-Pro at TH@ExitHDR.com or visit the the website at www.ExitHDR.com

2 thoughts on “EXIT Hawaii Dream Realty Launches Real Estate Investor Learning Center

    • Thank you for the comment and providing the link to the real estate wholesaling course. I just wanted to be clear that the Real Estate Investor Learning Center does provide course material for real estate investors and does not come with any charge, obligation, or commitment – not even $1 and it is available right now from your web browser. Click here to get started NOW.

      If you find the course material worthwhile, we only hope that you will think of us when the time comes to apply what you learned. If you don’t already own a home, learn why you need to start focused on getting a home. If you own a home or multiple properties learn more about their potential. Whatever your situation, get into the Real Estate Investor Learning Center, it’s free and you have access to this information right now!

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