What My Family Should Know

A Guide For Getting Your Affairs In Order

Being a home owner comes with added responsibility, particularly, as your home becomes a financial asset. After all, if you don’t already own your home, you will eventually pay off that mortgage.

But sometimes life deals us with traumatic blows and our future plans do not necessarily work out as we may have envisioned. The fact remains that we will not live forever. Some of our deaths will be anticipated while others may be completely unexpected. We can do much to alleviate at least some of the suffering our survivors will go through when our day comes.

Make it easier for loved ones to put their hands on important information in the event of your death or sudden incapacity. Although many of us are efficient in our daily lives and keep meticulous records in our professions, most of us leave inadequate and incomplete records of our economic and personal affairs when we die.

How your estate will be settled are many questions that must be answered. Take some time from your busy schedule to gather the personal details suggested in this guide titled “What My Family Should Know“. The guide will help you record the necessary facts for your family, your attorney and your executor. Then place the completed guide in a safe and secure place that is accessible to those closest to you. I wish you a fulfilling life with much happiness and love and hope you find this guide helpful to you and your loved ones. As always, if you ever need any assistance with your Oahu real estate, I am just an email or phone call away, and I am always willing to listen, and when appropriate, offer advice and help.

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